New tall ships in the world

2016.12.12. - News
New tall ships in the world

Anyone who thinks that traditional sailing ships exists in the past is greatly mistaken. You will be surprised when you take the famous Hanse Sail Magazine. Herbert Böhm and Werner Jurkowski, authors of Hanse Sail Magazine, reported on large tall ships under construction and under design in their 2016 article “From Algeria to Vietnam - New Large Sail Training Ships Are Being Built Around the World”. New, proud sailing ships are being built around the world to convey values such as teamwork or respect for nature and life. These ships are built for the education, upbringing and development of young members of the Navy, usually young people, disadvantaged people, and anyone interested in or merely enthusiastic about sailing ships of the Golden Age. These ships are the traveling ambassadors of their countries, which are also present at most international boating events - hopefully one day at Hanse Sail events too!

From Algeria to Vietnam

STS „Magyar“ (Hungary)

Who still remembers that the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was an important naval power before the First World War? Later, a naval captain was the governor. But as early as 1911, plans were made for a sail training ship. These traditions have remained in Hungary, and revived by the new Sail & Life Training Association (NSTO) in 2011. With the help of a nautical historian they build on this tradition. S.A.L.T. aims to achieve much better results in educating young people if we can allow young people to participate the international Tall Ships Races regardless of their family's income, and we can create new life opportunities for former cancer patients and other people with mental health problems through team building trainings. Construction will soon begin in a Hungarian shipyard. The ship later sails on Danube Rive through the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to the Netherlands, where it acquires its final rig at the shipbuilding workshop in Harlingen.

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